Code of Conduct

Quality Guarantee
CLC-VECTA members work according to a code of conduct that offers you as a client the certainty that you are doing business with a professional, reliable party.
CLC-VECTA members are aware of the (social) impact of the supplies and advice they provide to their clients and take responsibility for that.
CLC-VECTA members consider it their responsibility to be guided by the principles of a sustainable society in the development of supplies and advice.
CLC-VECTA members never consciously act or consciously make proposals to their customers in contravention of the letter or spirit of existing laws and regulations.

CLC-VECTA members unconditionally support the principle of self-regulation. They observe the rules of fairness, good taste and decency and prevent deception and discrimination again anyone.

CLC-VECTA members will at all times inform their (potential) clients transparently and properly in advance about the conditions and costs associated with the work to be performed within the framework of the assignment.

CLC-VECTA members ensure that the secret information entrusted to them and their employees by their customers is always treated as such.

CLC-VECTA members support from a professional point of view the (unwritten) rules with regard to their behavior during competition with other suppliers.

CLC-VECTA members endorse the need for continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of their services and the necessary continuous professional development of their management and employees.

CLC-VECTA members will strongly involve customers in the development, realization, introduction and / or dissemination of innovation.

CLC-VECTA members agree internally within the organization what customer focus is and apply a set of core values ​​within the company in this regard.

CLC-VECTA members regularly conduct a customer satisfaction survey in which the quality of cooperation with customers is measured, evaluated and communicated with the customer.

CLC-VECTA members contribute to the further professionalization of the industry by actively sharing their knowledge.

CLC-VECTA members consider it their responsibility to watch over the integrity within the organization.


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