Duitse beurzen boeken aanzienlijke plus in eerste helft 2011


De AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) publiceerde vandaag de positieve resultaten die Duitse beurzen hebben geboekt in de eerste helft van 2011. Onderstaand tref je het persbericht (in Engels) aan.

AUMA press release

German trade fairs with significant gains in first half of 2011

Following a slow recovery in 2010 international trade fairs in Germany are now clearly back on course for growth. Exhibitor numbers at the 85 trade fairs held during the first six months of 2011 averaged 4 % more than the previous corresponding events. By contrast, in 2010 overall growth in exhibitor numbers reached only 0.2 %. These are the initial projections of AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

Once again, it is evident that trade fair attendance lags behind overall economic developments, as preparations for participation are relatively lengthy and because trade fairs take place at fixed intervals. The significant growth in exhibitor numbers shows that attendance figures at trade fairs are now almost back to pre-crisis levels. Compared with corresponding previous events the amount of stand space rented out during the first six months of 2011 remained constant, whereas in 2010 there was a 3 % decline.

Visitor attendance has recovered to the same degree as exhibitor numbers. Following a 0.8 % drop in 2010, trade fair organizers registered an increase of almost 4 %. In AUMA's view, the high increase in attendance shows that, in an increasingly competitive market for communication instruments, trade fairs have successfully held their ground, particularly when compared with online media. AUMA expects that in 2011 exhibitor and visitor numbers will grow by 3 to 4 %, and that on average the amount of stand space will rise by 1 %.

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